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When ghostwriting books for my clients, my goal is to word them so that they have a powerful impact on everyone who reads them.   To accomplish this, I reshape my clients’ wording to accurately express their ideas, correct grammar and make their thoughts flow paragraph to paragraph, chapter to chapter.

I have ghostwritten books and e-books on a wide range of topics.  Here are the Introductions from two of these books to give you an idea of my style flexibility:

 Every Contractor’s Selling Handbook:

How to Round Up Prospects, Build Value and Get Referrals

by Justin Jones:

JJones Contractor Bk ImageIntroduction


What business are we really in?  Well, we DO contracting, but in order to get on location and start the job, we must first SELL our contracting services to individuals and businesses.  Whether we like it or not, we have to reach out to people.  Without them, we can’t do what we love to do.  So, when I am asked what business I am in, my answer is always, “I am in the People Business.”

As I see it, because I am a contractor, people are my first priority.  My job is to:

  1. Locate people who need my services
  2. Use key questions to understand exactly what they need done
  3. Demonstrate “value”—how I can do this job better than the next guy
  4. Develop a pleasant, working relationship with them that carries us through the contracting job
  5. Maintain that relationship so that I can get referrals for other clients from them

This handbook will show you exactly how accomplish this and how to succeed as a contractor.

Most contractors can describe what they do, but “selling” your business to your potential client involves more than just talking about what you can do.  Your ability to set up a meeting, build value, and ultimately leave with a contract depends on your ability to “sell yourself.”  YOU have to come across as honest, dependable and caring so that your prospect immediately trusts you as a person.  At the same time, you have to present your expertise and experience in such a way that your prospect also trusts that you are capable of doing the job right.

Most contractors are put at a disadvantage when it comes to presenting and “selling” our business to prospective customers.   When we study for our contracting license, we are not taught how to do this.  There is nothing—ZERO—in the textbooks about selling, customer service, follow up, and how to find prospects.  The contracting exam consists mostly of technical and practical knowledge and perhaps some general business facts, but we have been left high and dry with no clue as to how to bring in new business.

In this book we will cover the key elements of selling, from prospecting for the right clients to establishing your value (what separates you from the competition), to polishing your presentation, to getting great referrals. These elements will not only jumpstart your business, but they will keep your business thriving, even in our tough economy.

Whether your specialty is electrical, plumbing, architectural, building or general contracting, you exhibit your expertise in everything you do.

But all your training and experience is useless unless you can also bring in new clients on a regular basis.  This is the hard part.  You have spent your life perfecting your craft.  How are you supposed to suddenly become an expert in sales and marketing when your work takes up all your time and energy?

Over the past 10 years, sales and marketing has shifted.  A decade ago, you could run an ad in the Yellow Pages and your local paper and the phone would ring.  If your ad was bigger, your phone would ring more.  Work was abundant.  We were automatically considered the expert in our field.  All we had to do was show up, write an estimate, and schedule the work right there.

But times have drastically changed.  Potential consumers now go through their own screening process before ever selecting a contractor. The days of opening the yellow pages and making calls is extinct.

Today’s consumer will actively research online before calling you or anyone.   By the time the call is made, your prospective customer has already researched possible solutions for his problem, checked out numerous contractors in the area, and tapped into social media for customer reviews and recommendations.  The consumer has already narrowed down his list of contractors and is taking a look at their websites to get a feel for what kind of company they are.  As a result, they know far more about you than you know about them.  No longer can you just post an ad.  Now you must stand out from your competitors and prove to this particular prospect why he should trust you.

This is where I can help.  I am a contractor, have been for 13 years.  But I was fortunate enough to pick up valuable sales and marketing skills along the way.  I want to share those skills with you in the following chapters, so that you can gain expertise in how to market your own contracting business to potential customers.

With the easy-to-follow, step-by-step process I share in this book, you will discover how to market yourself and your contracting business without having to take precious time away from work to study or take a course.

Just implement what you read and, before you know it, you will know the best way to approach a potential client—what to say, what NOT to say—and how to present your business in a way that will make that prospect eager to hire you for the job.  You will learn techniques for locating new prospects, showcasing your company’s strengths, highlighting key features and benefits to the client, balancing value against cost, and effectively closing the sale.  Moreover, you will discover how to turn your contracting company into a self-perpetuating business, where your happy customers refer you to new customers.

Without these skills, your company will flounder against the competition.  You need to know powerful ways to prove how your company can do the job better than the others, even if they try to undercut you on price.  With this book, you will master how to build the value of your contracting company in the minds of your prospects and get them to sign the contract.

Every Contractor’s Selling Handbook is available on



  7 Steps to Stepping Out

by Victoria Griffin



Are you frustrated with your life but feel powerless to change it?

Are you afraid of making a wrong decision that will affect your future?

We all have talents, strengths and dreams.  These make us unique from everyone else, but sometimes our past disasters make us hesitant to step out and embrace those exceptional parts of ourselves.  So, instead, we hold back and continue to limp along in life, wishing it could be different, but afraid or unsure of how to fix it.

You are not alone.   More people than you can imagine are feeling exactly as you do.  It’s as though the power to make their own choices has been taken from them, but they don’t know how or when that happened.  All they know is that life seems to be passing them by and they are just standing there, watching.

Don’t you wish that you could take charge of your life and future?  Believe it or not, you have more power to change than you realize!

You have the power to step out of the box you are stuck in and move toward your real potential.  You can step away from your past and move beyond your limitations!

This e-Book will show you how!

This is a lifestyle-changing workbook that is designed to walk you through a process of thinking about your personal POWER in a new way.

7 Steps to Stepping Out will challenge you to explore what having power in your life means to you.  You will understand what personal power is and discover how you can begin to transform your perspective of yourself and create the life you truly deserve.

Read this book and BECOME EMPOWERED TODAY by equipping yourself with tools that you can set in motion immediately so that you will have more happiness and confidence in your life!

7 Steps to Stepping Out can be purchased on Victoria Griffith’s new Website,

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