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image courtesy of stuartmiles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

image courtesy of stuartmiles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Hi-IMPACTGhostwriting is a convenient project-connection site where  you can request any of the following projects to help you reach your business or personal goals:

  • A Critique and Edit of your Website to more effectively reach your target clients
  • Marketing Copy, including Emails and Promos to sell your products and services.
  • Blogs that captivate your audience
  • Professionally-researched Articles and White Papers to inform your customers.
  • Ghostwriting for your book, e-book or new webpages
  • Script writing and editing for podcasts, webinars and YouTube videos.
  • Ad Copy and appealing Product/Service Descriptions

About Jinni Bradfield:   

Ms. Bradfield is a seasoned ghostwriter with a joint background in advertising sales and education.  Her advertising expertise gives her insight into both what businesses need and what customers respond to.   She also knows how to weave the facts people are searching for into reader-friendly blogs and web content, combining education with promotion.   One of Ms. Bradfield’s motivations for ghostwriting projects is that she enjoys brainstorming with clients to get their message out in the most powerful and appealing way.

Mission Statement: 

  • To provide high impact content for websites, timely blogs and solidly-researched articles.
  • To enable clients to write their book or e-book.
  • To offer powerful marketing and ad copy at a reasonable rate with quick turn-around time.
  • To brainstorm with clients to come up with the best wording and layout to achieve the highest impact for their business websites, books and web content.


FAQs & Disclaimer:

You retain full copyright ownership of any and all intellectual property that you order through Hi-IMPACT Ghostwriting. 

Occasionally you may receive a request from me to display a small sampling of the work I did for you on this website so that future clients can see the range of writing available to them.  I will only post quotes from your projects with your written permission (by email).   In exchange for the privilege of using your project to promote my business, I will refer potential customers to your website with a live link so that you gain free advertising and additional traffic.

All payments are due upon receipt of the requisitioned writing project or portion of the project per the schedule agreed upon in the signed written Agreement.  All payments are to be processed through PayPal.  Clients may request one revision without additional charge at the agreed-upon word length.  Additional words will be priced at the rate listed in the Agreement. 

The goal of these writing projects is a quick turnaround time for your convenience.  This works for the writer as well as the client.  Payment is due within 7 days of the client receiving the project or project section by email unless other arrangements have been made beforehand.  If a client refuses to make payment according to the written schedule, the writer is not obligated to continue working on the project and an arbitrator will be called in at the client’s expense to settle the disagreement.  See the project Agreement for further details.


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