How to Make your Online Video WOW Customers

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Whenever we surf the Internet, we are assaulted by thousands of YouTube videos begging for our attention.  Unfortunately too many of them have been literally thrown together—and consequently are painful to watch.   The self-made “producers” of these disasters hope to get their 15 seconds of fame, but if you are promoting your business, you want your company’s first impression to last a lot longer than that.

Your goal is to brand your company name.  You want to strategically promote your products and services to bring in long-term, loyal customers.  Slapping together a quick video just won’t cut it.  You have to be sure that the way you come across in your video reflects your company’s integrity and mission, as well as the value of your products and services.  If you whip up a video out of thin air, you risk this backfiring and leaving a bad taste in the viewers’ mouth.

Effective podcasts, online videos, webinars and even YouTube videos, start with a solid script that catches viewers’ attention by presenting a very specific need that potential customers may have.  It then demonstrates how your company can solve that problem with your product or service.   Your video needs to become an interactive ad that draws in the potential customer and engages him or her both logically and emotionally.

Every word of your script counts.  If you are too wordy, you will lose your viewer’s attention a few seconds into the video.  Your script has to be concise and, at the same time, have a personalized impact on your potential client.

How do you come up with a script that can accomplish this?  The key is to visually and verbally present a situation that the viewer can identify with.  If your company does accounting services, show a scene where a person is overwhelmed trying to sort bills.  If you are a contractor, portray a ID-1001268homeowner trying to decide on which countertop to put in his kitchen.


By presenting a problem and solving it in your video, you enable your potential customers to perceive your company as the one that can get them out of their dilemma.

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The information you share in your video must be genuinely useful and practical—whether or not the prospect goes with your company.  This way, you start to create trust in your company.  People appreciate being given free helpful tips.  Some of these viewers will come back later and do business with you because of this generous gesture.

Use dialogue in your video script to set the scene for the problem that needs solving.  On-screen conversation brings your video alive and makes it believable.  Moreover, it holds attention longer than merely having someone stand in the middle of the screen doing a monologue.  Use narration to bridge the moments you want viewers to remember with the key points you are trying to make.  Casually integrate how your company can help the client with his predicament.  Close the video by personally reminding your potential customers that you are dedicated to making their lives easier.  Include a valuable offer or special along with your website URL.  Also place a live link to your website under the video so that interested prospects can get to your website with a quick click.

If you prefer a more low-key approach, create three or four videos with each portraying a different problem that your company can solve, and only insert your sales pitch into the final one.  Link the videos together into a set so that prospective customers get several practical tips from you before being prompted to buy.  Having a set of videos enables you to let them know the range of services or products you offer, and there will be a greater likelihood that one or more of these will match what the prospect needs.  This increases the chances that the viewer will buy from you.

If writing a video script is a little outside your comfort zone, or you are worried that it might be too time-consuming, consider jotting down your ideas and having a ghostwriter write the script for you.   You would oversee the script.  All you would need to do is lay out the overall concept and key points of the video, podcast or webinar.  The ghostwriter would take care of making the script flow and encourage prospects to buy from your company.

Having a video on your Facebook page, Twitter feed or other Social Media can make all the difference in attracting new customers to your business.  Static advertising can’t compete with YouTube videos, podcasts and webinars in today’s sales environment.  “Wow” your potential customers by taking advantage of this powerful interactive tool.

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