Ghostwriting for Books and E-Books

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 So, you have an idea for a book or e-book, but you:

  • don’t quite have enough time to write it

  • or else you can’t seem to get started

  • or you’ve jumped in with both feet but are drowning in your own notes

You have come to the right website because I love working from ideas and notes!

Just give me a basic outline of what you want to write about.  Include any details in the form of scribbled notes, Word files or lists of key points.  Give me links to any resource material you want referenced, and I’ll start writing.

Every ghostwriting book project ordered on this site will be done in sections—broken into either chapters or parts of chapters.  This way, you can critique and make changes as we go along.  I want to write what you are trying to say.  I want to reflect your personality and style.  This is YOUR book, not mine.

Turnaround time per section is normally two weeks.  Payments are due as each section is received and approved by you.   One free revision is permitted per section within the planned word length.

Currently, I only ghostwrite non-fiction books and e-books, because dealing with facts is my specialty.   I love doing research and will make sure that your book is factually correct based on the resources you point me to.

To see Excerpts from two books that I have ghostwritten, Click on “Book Excerpts” above or in the Sidebar menu.

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