Ghostwriting for Nonprofits


Are you Passionate about your Cause?

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…Wishing that you could attract more Donors?

It helps to partner with someone who can get the wording right.

                             You want your marketing to say what you need it to say                                  —in a way that intrigues and prompts funders to give generously.

Benefit from NONPROFIT Ghostwriting!

Besides working with businesses, I write for two international educational nonprofits.  Part of my volunteer work as Director of Development involves researching potential funders and writing Letters of Inquiry.  Recently, I also wrote the December online donation appeal for a nonprofit that is building schools in West Africa.

Do you need help with YOUR Letter of Inquiry?

A “Letter of Inquiry,” also called “Letter of Intent” (both abbreviated LOI), is the first step in many grant applications.  It is a concise expression of what your nonprofit is all about, how much you are requesting in grant money, and why it is so critical that you receive that funding.

                       I would be happy to work with you to write a powerful LOI                                      that will encourage funders to consider your grant application!


Reach out to Potential Donors

Invite Donations with an Enthusiastic, Well-written Campaign.  I can write email challenges and promotions, web pages and even create targeted ad copy.

Promote Your Nonprofit on Social Media with LinkedIn and Facebook posts and Tweets.  I would be happy to save you time by writing posts and mini promos for you.


 What will it Cost?

There is a cost for the work because of the time involved, which includes researching, understanding what your organization’s priorities are, and writing your LOI and/or marketing material.  I can also search out potential funders for you based on your mission.  Contact me for a quote.

I am a firm believer in the tremendous work that nonprofits do, so, although I have to charge for my time, you will receive a 40% discount off of what I charge for-profit clients.  This discount also applies to any related research that I do for your organization.


Contact Me Today! at

Tell me about your organization and what you are trying to accomplish.  Who have you been approaching for funding?   How well do their objectives fit with your Nonprofit’s mission?  I can help you sort all that out.

Email me so that we can get started putting together an effective Letter of Inquiry/Intent or create powerful marketing to give your nonprofit the exposure it deserves!


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