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Emotionally engage your readers with the right words. 

Browse through these Blogs to get a feel for how the right wording could elicit the responses you are looking for.  Engagement is the secret to convincing prospects to buy your products and donors to get excited about your cause.

I have written numerous promotional blogs for businesses as well as educational blogs for sites such as Hubpages and AntiquityNOW.

Below are blogs geared toward providing support for families whose children have learning disabilities as well as health and education..

Follow the links to these posted Blogs and Articles:


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Autism:  My Hubpages articles are under the name Proactiveparents.  This article is also a promotion for Amazon’s toys for special needs kids.

Dyslexia:  Parents often second-guess themselves when their children have learning problems.  Here is a  blog that not only helps children who are dyslexic, but is also a product promotion for the Tetris game:

Gluten Sensitivity:   Anyone who is gluten-sensitive will appreciate the critical information contained in this blog:  “Tummy Troubles?”  Click on

EducationAntiquityNOW arthead-990x180 AntiquityNOW is an educational nonprofit organization that I often write forClick on  to see two of the blogs that I wrote for them: “Ancient Invisible Ink through Modern Eyes,” and “Ancient Puppy Puts Its ‘Stamp of Approval’ on Roman Tile.”

One of my specialties is taking technical information and making it simple to read and understand.  This blog is on mathematical models and archaeology:


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