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“Critique & Tweak” Website Package

You may have the most elaborate website, but if the wording is not quite right, it could be literally  turning away your potential clients.

Images and interactive features attract customers, but the right wording will keep them on that page.  As you know, the longer they stay, the more likely they will buy what you are offering.

With my Critique & Tweak” Website Package, you get the benefit of an outside pair of eyes to evaluate your website for appeal and effectiveness.  My background is in advertising sales, so I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to webpages and ads.

Sometimes all it takes is a little inexpensive tweaking to give your website’s wording that “WOW factor”.   You probably won’t have to revamp your entire website after all.  Let me have a look at your site and let’s see if we can get it to be what you originally hoped it would be—for a fraction of the cost!


Web Page Ghostwriting

Thinking about adding pages to your Website?  Or are you planning to launch a brand new site?

Hi-Impact Ghostwriting can take your ideas and key points and formulate them into web pages that profoundly connect with your intended audience.  With the right wording, your web pages will start building momentum to convert your prospects to satisfied customers.


 Populating Your Website

Keeping your website content fresh and new is a proven tool for bringing in new customers.

Click on “Blogs & Article Samples” on the Sidebar to see sample blogs, and then email me to get on the blog schedule so that your website can have fresh, intriguing content.


Ad and Marketing Copy

Incorporating my advertising sales perspective, I will word your ad copy and marketing pieces to reflect your company’s expertise and integrity, showcase what you are offering, and give your potential customers motivation to buy.



Always glad to do this time-consuming chore for you, whether the research is related to a project I am doing for you, or if you just need someone to gather critical information for you for a report or presentation.


Script Writing and Editing

Also happy to help with writing or editing Podcast and YouTube video scripts.


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